It’s a Bronze, Silver and Gold Jubilee as Australia’s finest wines are revealed

It’s a Bronze, Silver and Gold Jubilee as Australia’s finest wines are revealed 

 It’s that wonderful time of year again and we are excited to share with you the winners of the prestigious Perth Royal Wine Awards which have been formally announced. 

Mr David Thomas, President of the Royal Agricultural Society hosted the days affair in the Silver Jubilee Pavilion at the iconic Claremont Showground on Firday September 3rd. 

In a switch up of the traditional format, Wine makers, stewards and VIP’s attended the exhibitor tasting followed by the awards presentation, facilitated by Mr Liam Bartlett. 

The Perth Royal Wine awards, which are drenched in a long and rich history dating back some 178 years, are WA’s biggest and most regarded awards event for Australian wine. Even though the world still finds itself residing in a global pandemic – this years’ competition has proven just how resilient Australian Wine makers are. This year we saw a total of 1500 individual wines entered across 56 classes from 205 wineries. 

It’s been an extraordinary result for Western Australian Winery, Xanadu who walked away with the coveted Trophy for Best Wine of Show for their Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019. The wine also winning the Trophies for Best Western Australian Wine, Best Red Table Wine, Best Western Australian Dry Red Table Wine and Best Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Xanadu also took home the Trophy for Wines of Provenance Best Red or White Varietal for their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 and Best Semillon Sauvignon Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc Semillon for their DJL Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, 2020. Their incredible results totalling a whopping eight trophies including the Trophy for Exhibitor who has Five or More Judged Entries Gaining the Highest Average Points which, is traditionally seen as an indicator for the producer with the most consistent quality across their range of wines. 

The Trophy for Most Successful Western Australian Exhibitor was won by Larry Cherubino Wines which was accompanied by 22 Bronze, 8 Silver and 5 Gold Medals and the Trophy for Best Riesling. 

Recognising smaller growers in WA – the Trophy for Most Successful Western Australian Exhibitor Processing Under 300 Tonnes went to Mandoon Estate. 

The Perth Royal Wine Awards judging spanned over four days from August 27 – September 2. Chief Judge, Rob Diletti (Castle Rock Estate, WA), led the judging team for the second consecutive year and the panel comprised of senior judges and multiple experts from within the industry. 

The Royal Agricultural Society of WA is extremely proud of the initiatives of the Perth Royal Wine Awards and winning one of these awards is considered a true marker of achievement in the industry. 

David Thomas, President of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA, said “This years’ competition has once again been nothing short of outstanding and is always an exciting time for our judges as Australian Wine Makers continue to evolve and improve their products.” 

“The Wine judging process is a complex one and, like all our competitions, is conducted with absolute precision and attention to detail. With 26 Judges over the past four days putting their pallets to the test, 18 stewards who have worked tirelessly over 18 days and not to mention the amount of work from the Perth Royal Food Awards Team leading up to the judging, there is undeniably a huge amount of effort and coordination that goes into the Perth Royal Wine Awards.” 

“Being an entrant in the Perth Royal Wine Awards is – in my view – worthy of applause. To put your passion, dedication and hard work in front of a panel of experts for raw and honest judgement is a bold and brave decision. To see such commitment by individual wineries, putting forth their wines with the deliberate intent to be judged and compared against their peers speaks highly of every single entrant.” 

For more information about the Perth Royal Wine Awards and a full list of winners from 2021, visit the Perth Royal Food Awards Website here. 

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